Extending Manufacturing Functionalities to Textile Manufacturing

Make to Order (MTO) & Make to Stock (MTS) Manufacturing Execution

 As with apparels, Novel textile supports both Make To Order (MTO) and Make To Stock (MTS) production processes. The solution covers the following manufacturing processes in addition to the apparel operations;
Cotton purchasing and inventory management processes and reporting
Knit roll management and dyed yarn manufacturing
Dyed yarn weaving, Loom & Beam Planning, Denim & Terry Weaving
Fabric and Yarn Dyeing
Dye recipe management with Dye/ Chemical consumption reporting
Quality Management
Cotton sampling and in process quality management for Spinning, Knitting/ Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing
Greige and Fabric inspection with quality attribute recording based on point systems
Plant Maintenance
Preventive and reactive maintenance with vendor annual maintenance contract management

Retail Operations on AFS or IS Retail Platforms

Novel Garment and Retail is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution designed specifically for fashion retailers. With a baseline relevant to all retailers plus additional options that address unique retailer needs, Garment and Retail is as dynamic as the fashion retail environment.

As a modular solution, Garment and Retail can benefit multi-channel retailers with multiple consumer touch-points. Garment and Retail can also be used as an accelerator to enhance or fine-tune existing IT landscapes and processes. From retail planning to sales analytics, Garment and Retail’s holistic perspective addresses the unique needs of fashion retail businesses.