Reliable, predictable and relevant – services with a difference from Novel

At the heart of our SAP Services is our industry expertise. Whether it’s language or product support, implementation services, upgrades or customisations – we apply our experience and capability in a way that is relevant to your specific industry.

We keep our operating costs exceptionally low. Our innovative onshore/offshore business model means we are uniquely placed to offer sensibly priced project engagements without compromising on the quality of our services or staff. And because we’re not confined to the shores of the UK it means we can provide an SAP Services portfolio that is unconstrained by the limited deployment capabilities offered by conventional onshore SAP service providers.

And to give you further confidence in our capability, we are a fully certified SAP Partner of Expertise. We can help you troubleshoot, maintain and enhance the efficiency of your SAP solution.

Why Choose Novel for SAP Services?

  • Agile, flexible and cost-effective services, saving customers up to 40% on support costs.
  • 24/7/365 global availability of SAP Support, resolving queries quickly.
  • Efficient and knowledgeable support relevant to your industry.
  • Innovative onshore/offshore business model keeps costs low.